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Do you need a list of articles in my Blog and topics in my Discussions/Questions
My Resume Bio now includes a list of articles in my Blog and a list of topics in Discussions/Questions. Please feel free to access and share.

Map to featured articles in Blog:
• Good Practices - 11 topics, December 2017-February 2018
• 1st Book Impacting PM Career - 10 topics, March 2018-May 2018
• 2nd Book Impacting PM Career - 7 topics, May 2018-July 2018
• Challenges, Laws of Physics, PM/CM and Reality – 8 topics, July 2018-November 2018
• Know the Entire Contract – 12 topics, September 2018-November 2018

Map to featured topics in Discussions/Questions:
• Develop a Commuter Rail Risk Policy - 6 questions, October 2017, Pgs 1-2
• Added Time for Government Capital Projects – 2 questions, October 2017, Pg 1
• Readiness for Design Build Project Delivery – October 2017, Pg 1
• Track Outages on Rail Transit Projects – December 2017, Pg 1
• Success Factors for PMO – October 2015, Pg 4
• Managing Project Complexity – September 2015, Pg 4
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Great, Henry. Your contributions are valuable to the community and are appreciated. With a little HTML magic, you can list them in your Bio as URL's to the content.
Thanks for re-sharing your contributions Henry. I concur with Andrew, your contributions are very valuable, keep them coming.
Thanks for sharing!!

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