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Are you practicing risk management in Africa or Asia?

Several authors have collaborated to contribute a chapter each toward a book on risk management experiences in different settings. To represent each of the continents, we need a couple of participants from Africa and Asia.

There is no assumption as to whether risk management is carried out differently or similarly in different places; we will let the contributions start to show that answer. The geographic spread ma help to show how practices work with different industries or issues.

If you think you are not a writer, don't worry: I've already helped several contributors put their chapters together based on material gathered in a 45-60 minute Skype or Zoom interview. What I need is your practical PM or RM experience !

If you are interested, please let me know via comment and we can go off-thread. i will be completing interviews in February for a March-April launch.

If you are interested but live in the Americas, Europe or Australia, contact me anyway - if there is enough interest we'll just put out another anthology when this one is published.

Good idea and good efforts

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