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Online PMP Training?
This is perhaps a twist on an older topic, but I was recently asked about online PMP training (as opposed to "intensive" classroom type courses) and didn't have an answer, but knew I had a community to ask!
I appreciate your input.
It's been a long time since I took the exam with a #2 pencil and a bubble sheet.
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The online courses could be as effective as the classroom, if not better. The key to effectiveness is quick access to an expert tutor, who can explain subject matter if there is a need.

Also, online courses have the convenience of 'replay the video' and other flexibilities. And finally, online courses are less expensive compared to similar classroom setup.

PS: I have not mentioned any specific vendor. But, met several individuals who had a positive experience with vendors listed at PMI chapter webpage and popular online learning sites like udemy, which has many project management courses.
Master of Project Academy has several PMP options and they are recognized as a provider by PMI. I took their PMI-ACP offering to get my credits to take that exam and I have purchased one of the PMP courses.

4-Day online virtual class with instructor:

Self-Paced Training - get your 35 hours:

PMP One-on-One Coaching:

CAPM Self-Paced Training:

PMI-ACP Self-Paced Training:

They also offer Prince2, ITIL, Scrum, Sample Exams, CISSP, CCNA, and many more.
Adding on: online courses will also provide you the necessary Contact hours and practise /sample questions as well, with the some sites providing the material for you to review and use for lifetime. On the go & flexible learning hours, course can be accessed on mobile, tablet, computer per your convenience.

Biggest advantage that I see and as mentioned by Ashok as well is the cost which will be reasonable.
Online courses can range from self paced modules, to virtual classrooms. Some universities offer degree programs via webex or equivalent tailored to working professionals. The critical factor for effective learning is how well the lesson plan is tailored to meet the desired learning objectives. Different levels of understanding require different levels of student interaction.

I've found a lot of on-line material helpful for somewhat simple concepts, which is probably well suited to the PMP exam itself. For higher learning in applying PM concepts, the student interaction such as listening to the approaches of other students and instructor feedback adds a dimension that is hard to get from a PowerPoint with self-test questions at the end.
It has to do with your preferences, the quality of training, available time, etc. I personally believe that online training can be as effective as class training.
Julia, good question it depends on the individual and the style of learning some people they need interactive to get more focused as with online you might be multitasking or getting distracted easily but you don't have to worry about parking ;) however some online courses will not meet the requirement to pass the exam they might help 5 - 10 % of overall knowledge self study remain a key with good materials and experience, cost effective is online but they can get pretty expensive with virtual video that you see the instructor and he/she can see you can raise your hand and ask question just like in real class. if you can get one on one that can work too.
Joshua, good and comprehensive list of resources. Thanks for sharing
Hi Julia -

since we are not allowed to post external links here at the discussion board (otherwise you do risk getting banned!) I will send you a private message with the information you have requested.


I agree with what anyone has said, in addition:

If you search the PMI REP database with 'online', they show 133 providers

Also, PMI itself offers an online CAPM class since last year: for USD 350/members

And as a starter, there is a free app called PM Edge to learn about basic PM terminology
Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate the community for the combined knowledge and the sharing that goes on here.
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