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Change Management for Non-IT Projects?
I am looking for articles or information on change management for non-IT projects. I work in environmental reporting and would like to research more about CM in this sector or any infrastructure-related topics.
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Cynthia -

Have you looked into ACMP and whether they have domain or industry-specific special interest groups?

Kotter's books on CM are also not focused on any one industry so you could read those as well...

Cynthia, do you have an industry in particular so I can show you few case study where you can see practical of change management with real example and effectiveness.

I also agree with Kiron on Kotter's books and this one The Science of Change Management -The 7 Phases of Change and Breaking-Through Resistance to Change by Larry Iverson
I agree with Riyadh, some industries have very specific metrics to track change management and, in some cases, there are even industry standards for that
I think people may be describing 2 different things here when referring to change management. Kiron and Riyadh seem to be referring to dealing with change in general within an organization. Frank seems to be referring to formal processes for managing configuration control, cost and schedule baselines, associated TPMs etc. In my industry which is heavily dependent on configuration control, change management is generally used to describe the later.
Cynthia -

You can find some information on change management for non-IT projects (infrastructure) in the page 97 of the file "gonzales_pg.pdf." You can download this file on:

Concepts and challenges involved for change management remain the same irrespective of domain
Have you considered "Agile" to manage changes? Is that an option?
Are you talking about project change management or organizational change management? The first is a subproduct of the second but it could be different. About change management in general you can find information inside the PMI itself. There is a practice guide for change management available. Beyond that you can find articles here
In my personal opinion, in this case, the PMI has posted information that could help.

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