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What are the best project success monitoring measures used in manufacturing industry?

Currently in my organization we track schedule (project milestones & completion date) using Concerto and quarterly budgeted vs actual cost and Expected Cost to complete the project using ERP. Risk/issues being tracked separately. Kindly share practices in your organization.
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Amresh, Directly related to manufacturing, most of the meaningful metrics I see relate to the industrial performance rather than the direct cost and schedule measurements of the project management. They tend to come straight out of any Lean Manufacturing handbook: takt time, waste, rework, schedule disruption, inventory levels, etc.

Whether you completed a project on time and within budget is nice. Whether you pushed problems from the project office to the manufacturing floor is what really matters in terms of business performance.

In manufacturing, the engineering labor accounts for something like 5-10% of the project cost, but designs in 90+% of the overall cost. This is where more traditional and newer "agile" approaches can find themselves at odds. Do you spend the money up front to do it right the first time, or do you accept the inherent imperfection of that approach and use iterative development to work out the problems?

Thanks Keith

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