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Plan Quality Management PMBOK 6

Hy All, Can anyone help me .
Why Risk Register is an output of Plan Quality management?
What kind of new risk that identifed?
Can Anyone explain to me?
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Updated Risk Register is the output of Plan Qlty Mgmt. Risk identified(if any) out of Plan Qlty Mgmt is included.

Quality management is how you try to ensure that your actual project outcome matches the expected outcome. "If these events occur, then the quality of the project outcome may suffer." Anticipating risks, determining how to address them, and managing the plans are therefore a part of managing the quality of the project The register is the document or artifact which records what is known about the risks and so it is a process output.

New risks of any kind can be identified at any time because things change and we learn new things. Although you might think of new risks as you document those already identified, the act of creating the register is fundamentally to preserve knowledge, rather than generating new ideas.

As per PMBOK guide - Risk Register is both an Input and Output to Plan Quality Management

Input: As Risk Register will contain information on threats & Opportunities that needs to be addressed before delivering a quality product and service.

Output : An updated document (Risk Register): New risk may be identified and recorded in the register that will be managed using the Risk Management Process.

What kind of risk : We know risk is uncertain and unknown and it can have varying affect on a process so as we move forward with our plan and execution we may see new risk uncover, identified or encountered and it is really difficult to specify as to what type of risks as it will depend on process, environments, resources and time etc specific to the setting of the project and as specified by Keith above that these needs to be preserved in a document for knowledge & reference.

Agree with Anuj "Risk Register is both an Input and Output to Plan Quality Management"

1- As a input,the risk register is record of information about identified risks & acting as a repository for all risks identified and includes additional information about each risk, e.g. nature of the risk, reference and owner, mitigation measures.
It should be analyzed in the Plan Quality Process before deliver the product.

2- During Analysis process ( Qualitative & Quantitative), details are added to the existing list of risks in the risk register including the priority of risks, the urgency of the risks, the categorization of risks, and any trends that were noticed while performing this process. Risks that have been managed, avoided, or are no longer relevant can be removed from the risk register. The associated risk action plans can also be deleted from the risk register.
So Risk Register with these updates is the output of Plan Quality management .

3- About kind of New Risks identification , i would like to say that any type of risks can be identified at any stage ,
Generally In Plan Quality Management , risk register is updated with the probabilities associated with each identified risk and the probability of meeting the cost and time projections.Risk priorities are updated and trends that have been observed are also noted.

Good point about being both an input and output. It struck me as I read it that any time an artifact is reviewed over time and adjusted as the plan changes, it is both an input and an output to the process.

People often ask why things are an input or output to X, and as I general rule I think that any time your previous documentation is the starting point for your next plan review, it is both.

Hy All, Thanks for explanation. appreciate with you guys.

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