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Topics: Earned Value Management
What are the advantages of EVM in Construction Management?

What are the basic advantages of Earn Value Management in Construction Management?.

Earned Value Management Systems help organizations better measure project performance and progress. It often produces valuable insight to organizations.

1-The first and foremost advantage earned value management is that it helps the management in seeing that whether the project is going on track in terms of work progress and also on budgeted line or not.

2-Another advantage of earned value management is that management can take proactive steps if the project is not going according to the plan.

3- Periodic Cost Performance Index as a benchmark .

4-The schedule performance index (SPI) is the earned value divided by the planned value. It is useful for identifying schedule problems in the project,

5- The cost performance index (CPI) is the earned value divided by the actual costs. A value above 1 indicates that the project is doing well against the budget.

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