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What is the best leadership style?

Can any one explain me about best leadership.
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From my point of view there is no one and best leadership style. I believe a good leadership style is that matches with your personality, being authentic and being flexible / adaptive to the team situation and demands the team is facing.

Best is relative to any given situation. Best is being adaptive.

Andrew is right, adaptive and situational is most mature.
A good reading for this is

There is no certain style that you need to shape your personality in all the project life, as a project manger, team leader or any position you are in that involves managing or leading teams, you need to be flexible and know the kind of people you are dealing with in order to be able to deal with them in the way that make the most benefit.

Sometimes you need to be a little tough and have strong personality, sometimes you need to be soft and lead by example. sometimes you need to punish and sometimes you need to reward.

It always depends my friend.

Your leadership style has to do with the situations, your team, organization environment, associated problems and etc. Generally, you may need to apply a mixed approach because of different needs.

Juher - Google "situational leadership" :-)

Juher- I completely agree with Kiron and Andrew points.

I agree that it depends on your own personality and the specific situation as well as the other people involved. Having said that, I also believe that the best leaders put the support and needs of their people first to ensure their team can be successful. I believe everyone wants to be successful and different people have different strengths. I like to try to play to those strengths so people can build success and then branch out into other areas so they can also grow and develop further. Good luck with whatever your endeavor is!

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