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Portfolio Reports & Metrics
I am looking for best practices in the industry for what KPI’s or metrics are being reported for your project portfolio team. We are looking to create a higher visibility on accomplishments or what’s been done. We are typically reporting on resources and overall health of the project. We would like to report more. What data do you report and in what format (scorecard, text, graphs, etc). Your assistance in helping improve our portfolio team is appreciated
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1. Stop using the term "resources" unless you are referring to materials

2. What is important for your stakeholders to help them make decisions? It would be good to first do a workshop with them to understand what they feel is vital.

I am wondering why you are opposed to the term resources. I work with a team that has resource managers whose responsibility is "people" resource availability for projects.This gets reported out on our status updates.
Thanks for the feedback
I was thinking the same thing as Tammy. We use the term resources to cover materials, people, intellectual property, and tooling among other things.
Using the term "resources" can set perceptions of people as fungible commodities which is rarely the case on projects. Anywhere you can use the term resource, you can find a better term which recognizes that we are dealing with fellow human beings.

These days an innovative term called "Human Capital" is being used !
Sounds to me as being worse than resources.

Now the term means "money" rather than "material".
1. Portfolio risks and issues - this is not a roll-up of program/project risks and issues (although common ones can be) as there may be issues that only relate to the portfolio
2. Pipeline - what is in the planning/delivery pipeline and how effectively it is flowing through the pipeline (how much is flowing in versus out, time in each stage etc.)
3. Budget & schedule - variance etc.
4. Specific processes that may be associated with portfolio issues - e.g. time to recruit resources etc.

in addition to Kiron's point number two, I would also add, what do you want the stakeholders to see, what insights can you provide on pain points and success that they need to focus in on or be aware of.

Depends on the PPM system your org uses. Otherwise, an interactive dashboard is good (Power BI) or Excel can work wonders.
Hi, In many companies Human resources (HR) department exists.

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