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Tips/advice for changing industry
Hello all,

New member here, also relatively new PMP. Just joined the community to learn more about our sphere from other accomplished members and also connect and share insights.

Going back to the topic of my thread, I'm a recent MBA graduate and my background is primarily in marketing and primarily I have managed marketing projects.

After my MBA, I'm currently looking for my next career opportunity and I wish to change my industry. Specifically, I am interested in getting into IT project management. (As a secondary thought, also in the back of my mind is maybe looking into the construction industry)
I would appreciate if those who are in this sphere could guide and direct me down the right path towards achieving this.

I have also recently moved to Toronto and have no network in this city so I'm feeling a bit lost professionally currently and would appreciate your guidance.

I look forward to connecting with fellow PMs and soaking up the collective wisdom of the community.

- E
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Ethan -

I'd suggest joining the local Toronto PMI chapter which is one of the largest in North America. Attend a few of their events as it will be a good opportunity to network with local peers.

Switching industries is a challenging goal given the expectation on the part of hiring managers that you have expertise in the industry to be able to successfully lead a project within it.

One option is to join a large company as a marketing PM and then try to do an internal lateral shift into the IT or facilities department to take on projects there. Otherwise, unless you have someone within a new company who can advocate for you, it will be pretty difficult to get past the usual filters.

It projects generally requires you to have some technical background. You need to gain some information and experience.
Thank you Kiron and Abolfazl. Your replies are spot on as that is the issue I am facing.

As I don't have any technical degree/education, that usually filters me out and currently it's unfeasible for me go back to school for it (considering I just got out of it).

Would you guys suggest taking a role that's a step lower, i.e. a project coordinator and gain the necessary experience? What are my chances to getting a role as a coordinator/assistant in a different field?

I'd definitely be joining the Toronto chapter and look forward to connecting with you and other peers.

Thanks again!
This question comes up frequently. The "Areas of expertise for PMs? " thread is on the same subject.

I think there is a very big difference between the ability to get in the door, and the ability to manage projects however. I think the latter has a lot to do with the culture of the company and the specific responsibilities of the PM there.

If you know someone, it's easier to get in the door than a blind resume submission. It is certainly a lot easier to move around once you're in the door. Trying to get in a step lower can be problematic too. Unless they're looking to groom you for the next step, you're likely overqualified with an MBA. You might have an easier time getting a job in a business management department and making a lateral move into the technology.
Ethan first at all you need to get involve with the IT environment, language and knowledge. Now a day there are a lot of technology and path careers in IT, one of them is IT Project Management.
Please visit web page to start your experience in IT world, the link below takes you directly to an article about trends in IT
After that you can visit (which is based in PMI methodology) to get a major point of view about how PM it involved in IT.
CompTIA has several information about the benefits of using PM in IT world.
There is a log way to go but I´m sure with your knowledge and expertise you will be succesfull.
Best regards.
Thank you Keith and Ricardo.

@Keith: What you wrote is true I'm finding with my MBA I'm seen as overqualified for a lot of roles. As you mentioned, it's easier to get in the door and move around later if you know someone. Unfortunately, being new in this city, I don't know a lot of people and this is where I'm struggling.

@Ricardo: Thank you for the info and for posting the links. I will going through and doing some research and homework on how I can make this work. Thanks again!
Ethan, welcome to this community I concur with Kiron you have good opportunity to join Toronto chapter

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