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Is Agile different between manufacturing and IT?

Are the Agile principles valid in any industry?
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The answer is yes. It is most popularly used in software development. Agile is a set of values and principle & agile is a Mindset.

Yes Stelian. It's good and recommended to follow them in high complexity projects to be completed successfully. Nowadays, they are being followed in normal projects as well, just to bind everyone together and work inculcate the culture of collaborative mindset.

Stelian -

If you modify the principles slightly (e.g. customers - stakeholders, developers - team members, software - solutions/products) then yes.


Uhmm well, it depends on the industry and the specific department. Manufacturing as the final step may fit better with manufacturing processes but a design area will work great with agile. In the production of a boat, is not a great idea to spend resources on something that is not like the customer is expecting.

@Kiron, thank you. Based on my experience I believe that the principles were slightly modified from manufacturing to fit software. SAFe had "borrowed" a lot of practices from manufacturing and interesting enough it is defined as a Lean and Agile framework. A paradox for those who know what Lean is. Another example is the old kanban. Agile teams are very ecstatic to use the post-Scrum framework without knowing that it is almost 100 years old.

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