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What should the PM do to preserve planning and other aspects of project when non explicit contract requirements started to be asking by customer and that customer is government part?
Imagine running an engineering contract in which we have a diverse and complex requirements of electrical systems yet not covering all expectations of customer (poor requirement specifications).
That customer, the government part, starts to require lots of functionalities and requirements that are not explicated in contract documentation.
That customer usually uses the power of the client (and law sometimes), to obligate internalize those changes that are difficult to be identified and quantified on risk processes.
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My recommendation is taking a look to Barry Bohem´s Cone of Uncertainty to understand how the information you have impact on estimations. I mean, you will never have detailed or well formed requirements in the first phases of an initiative. Then, what can we do? My answer is change control management system. To agree a change control process with all the actors is the key to do not have too much problems in the future.
Durval, agree with Sergio.
You should establish a change request register, just to track and communicate the changes (and additional scope), even if the individual change is disputed.

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