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On a general level, what is the most important way in which the project management function is likely in the next 5 years?
All the important economic indicators point to the fact that the world is advancing at a dizzying pace, without a doubt we can observe that the risks associated with this situation, whether economic, social, environmental or political, also grow exponentially.

In my opinion, the biggest challenge that project leaders face today in the next 5 years, is to remain competitive and grow profitably in a context of increasing turbulence and disruption, of course the fundamental problem is that companies they have overcome the initial phase, progressing through efficiency rather than strategic agility, that is, through the ability to take advantage of opportunities and avoid threats quickly and safely.
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Project Management & Projects Manager' role are evolving drastically. Earlier this was a supporting horizontal in organization. Now the expectation is for Project Managers to act as Business leaders. They are expected to look at broader spectrum of business, look at entire portfolio (ofcourse you have dedicated portfolio leaders) in making decisions. They can't just wait for Project Charter to be handed to them. Lot of times, they are expected to partner with Project Sponsor in developing one.

This would continue and project managers would be expected to demonstrate Business accuman, high level of agility and adaptability.
I agree that he Project Management role and Project Managers' (And Program Manager) are indeed rapidly evolving. As far as job security I believe those of us that stay involved, interact with colleagues to share and develop practices will help to shape the future of Project Management.

On the other hand there is reality... While the PM is truly the hub of the wheel in which the spokes are supported and maintained regularity, I believe that the importance and emphasis placed on how important that hub of the wheel is in the movement of the organization. While other positions on the project strive for their purpose for the project to be seen as the most important. It takes the PM to strategically prioritize the roles and resources needed for and from those individuals. It is then the PM who must orchestrate the best viable solution to accomplish the overall end product and its deliverables, that will always be our niche.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."- as philosophers say. Is there a chance of History repeating itself?

Business is as old as human history and in the earlier days businessmen were doing everything for themselves and then they grouped their close friends and possibly relatives for help. There were of course labourers under them. The manager cadre evolved over the years when the owner was comparatively less educated and there need to be some knowledge based jobs. As businesses flourished and new products/ requirement came in, the role of Project managers were necessary and the same was more of a sector specific subject expert. Now it's more of a generalised nature that the whole onus of a project/ product rests on PMs. The last entrant would be the scrum masters/ agile leaders without a structured guideline.

Education and knowledge levels now available to all sections of the society and Now comes the era of "start ups" where the owners themslves act as PMs - clearly justifying the quote - "history does not rhyme, but there's a certain rhythm”.

Guess what would be in store for all of us....

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