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How do you determine the EVM parameters??

For example, you are handling a construction project. You have a very big scope, cost and schedule. IN this case, how do you manage to identify the required parameters such as EV and AC. Will it be done on day basis or work basis?? How do you start right from the scratch??
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Muthukrishnan -

If your EPM software is calculating this for you, then you can pull EVM metrics whenever you want based on the data provided by team members, contractors and so on. The key is to understand how current the actuals data is as that will tell you what your "as of" date is.

If you are doing it manually on a large project, daily is likely too frequent and will be cost prohibitive. Monthly might be sufficient but you'd want to check with your senior stakeholders as to their reporting requirements.


If you are doing a very large project, you would typically have a large number of tasks/deliverables. Provided they are not very large or long tasks, you can simply update EVM as each task completes. It will lag progress slightly but not excessively.

With very large or long tasks, you may either need to break them up into smaller pieces such as by phases, or manually update progress, typically at the same cadence as you report your metrics.

With manual updates, I often find that people "game" the numbers. They calculate exactly where they should be, and enter that. When I see a SPI of 1.000 and I know that a group is struggling, I know they are gaming their numbers.

I use MS-Project , there is Option to calculate EVM under Report .

Construction projects, in my personal experience, are the easiest to take the parameters to calculate EVM in construction projects. But it is my personal experience only. Why? Most of the items you have are tangible items.

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