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Compute end date - Real scenario

A Project has started on 01 oct 2018 with two developers and 1 tester. The model of execution is agile.
The development efforts given were 190 person days. Testing is a parallel activity so efforts not being mentioned here.
One developer joined the organization on 25th oct 2018. It would take 1 month for that person to ramp up and then that person was deployed in the project.
One developer who was working in the project has resigned on 04th Nov 2018 and that person’s final working day was 04th Dec 2018. Note that person’s contribution level would drop to 50% during this time.

Every person works for 5 days in a week and 5 days would be non-productive coz of admin activities and leave – for Oct & Nov
In December nonproductive days would be 8 and so in the month of Jan coz of Admin activities and leaves.

Important note1: There would be defects that would be creeped into the project. The count would be 100 and it would take 0.5 days to resolve one defect.
Important note2: Also 5 additional days need to be added at the end for the final Qualification and documentation.

Considering this what can end date?

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