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Communication Style

Which Communication Style is the best for a successful Project Manager?
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In what circumstances? You're going to use different communication styles when dealing with different situations and different people in and out of an organization.

You can't answer this question!! This depends as per case or situation like meeting, presentation, text notes, request change the scope, request a new materials,...etc.

Well Noted.

The one which will meet the needs of the sender and recipient and satisfy the objective for communicating.

It depends on the conditions, circumstance or event of the project.The phases that any style of communication not effective.

No matter what communication style you use, if the listener has a more important agenda than yours, your words will not reach them.

This is the case especially in the matrix organisation where you need resources on your project or work done by a specific team and they always have more important things to do than working on your project.

The only solution is for the Project Manager to keep persisting and negotiating. I believe persistence and negotiation are both a skill and an art, and are as important , if not more important than communication.

Well..I think if we have a problem, communicating with team members, it could mean that they have something else going on. It could be a genuine problem. If we spare a few minutes and listen to them, the remaining time, we dont need to make so much efforts. They will listen to us. Sometimes jobs cause stress and they seek attention.

Thanks to all for your views.

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