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How to Present KPI for Agile Project

For typical agile projects like Website Development or Mobile App development, Requirements keep changes like anything. Most of the Activities are on Hold or WIP stage giving no Final result.
How to Present the KPIs to Management, to give them Overview of Project Status related to Schedule, Cost, Resources etc.

If someone using Excel Template having Input Details and then it automatically show all Graphs, Charts etc.
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Kamal -

Agile discourages creation of batches of work by having multiple work items on hold or in progress, so this sounds like a poorly implemented agile delivery approach.

There have been a few discussion threads in this community on appropriate metrics specific to projects following an agile approach, but here is a short list:

- value delivered
- features used/features delivered
- defect trends
- team health/fun/pulse check scores


Thankx Kiron,
for your valuable Inputs.
I completely understand being an Agile Practitioner that there should not be multiple Item on Hold or WIP.
To encourage Agility practices only i need to present the Health of the Project to Stakeholders.
For that i need some good KPIs Matrix.
Since i am new to PMO, if you can share me an Excel template where i can Input for All Activities and get the Output of Project Health in the form of Charts.

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