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Program management reference book

Bonjour everyone!

Okay, I know this is not a topic, rather a question, but I need input from people who have been there and are knowledgeable on the subject.

I need to put in place a program management for my organization, and I'm trying to find reference material on the subject to use as a base. I know there are several books out-there, but I'm looking for something that gives me more than just the obvious, more than just the elementary basics.

Does anyone have any pointers, suggestions of books, white paper, tools, etc?

Any help will be truly appreciated.

Thank you. Merci beaucoup.

Nathalie Rolland,
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Can you post a list of titles that you've looked at and found lacking? Saves time and maximizes return on effort.

Allow me to immodestly suggest Program Management - Turning Many Projects into Few Priorities with TOC, found a if my html link doesn't make it through OK.


Allow me to suggest the following book (guide) on this topic - 'DSMC PROGRAM MANAGERS TOOL KIT'.

I believe this may be of use, and I have included a copy for your use.

This document is for sale in printed form, from the DSMC web site, but can be downloaded for free.


Stuart Penning, PMP

File attached.

Recommend "Programme Management Demistyfied" by Geof Reiss (ISNB - 0-419-21350-3).
May not be as advanced as you are hoping for but worth a look all the same.

George Henderson
1. The Program Manager by Richard Hardy (ISBN 0965694534)
2. Project & Program Management by R. MaxWideman, Rodney J. Dawson (ISBN 1880410060)
3. A Framework for Project and Program Risk Management Integration by R MaxWideman
4. Practical Project Guidelines for Project Engineers & Program Management Personnel by David Douglas Lyon
5. Dynamic Program Management by George K. Chacko
6. Successful Program Management - Sharpening the Competitive Edge by Arthur Mudge
7. Microsoft Secrets by Michael A. Cusumano & Richard W. Selby
8. A Guide To The Project Management Body of Knowledge – 2000 Edition by Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI®)

There are a number of books that can be found at

This includes Geoff Reiss's Programme Management Dymistified
The Interactive Project Workout by Robert Buttrick is a must.

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