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What is the term “Scrum of Scrums”?

What is the term “Scrum of Scrums”?
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From PMI Agile Practice Guide:

"A technique to operate Scrum at scale for multiple teams working on the same product, coordinating discussions of progress on their inter dependencies, and focusing on how to integrate the delivery of software, especially in areas of overlap."

Also look at:
PMI Agile Practice Guide Page no. 112. A3.10 Scaling Frameworks - A3.10.1 Scrum of scrums(SoS)

It basically is a technique to scale up the agile framework to a larger group working in the same functional area, making changes to the same application, working within the same organisation, …

On a daily basis the implementation teams hold a scrum meeting in which briefly status, plan and impediments are discussed.
After this meeting, a second scrum meeting takes place with representatives of each implementation team, again going through the same agenda, but now at a higher level – purpose is to align over different teams and further distribute / escalate impediments that cannot be solved by the individual teams.
Depending on the size of the project or organization, further scrum meetings take place, each time going up one level.

A similar process happens when defining the product backlog or setting priorities over the entire product backlog across teams.
Depending on the way it is implemented, implementation teams work on the next priority item, or work on the next priority item within a certain area (application, functional area).

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Agree with above, usually in a scaled scrum setting providing opportunity to bring scrum masters, product owners, and select program level individuals. Purpose is for alignment, discussing dependencies, progress, etc.

This picture gives you better idea:
Basically scrum has ideal team size of 5 to 10 members colocated. If you are having bigger teams in different depts or different locations and these teams will have their own scrum and representative of these teams will have a scrum of these scrums.

check the Nexus-Guide.

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According to Scrum@Scale, Scrum of Scrums is the set of teams that need to coordinate together in order to deliver value. Other approaches may also call the scaled scrum meeting Scrum of Scrums, but in Scrum@Scale the meeting is called the Scaled Daily Scrum.

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