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How to make a work Plan to deliver results for project department of Electricity
I was recently been appointed to make a work plan to improve deliverable results in the project management department of the company i am working now, the department is having big deficit in delivering results, and they do not have people with proper skills and tools for project management.. The company core business is transport of electricity, the main objective is transport of Electricity through the exploration of the National Electricity Transmission Network, and dealing High voltages transmission lines, and interconnection Network. i am just looking for help to get started with work plan. have a lot of information but do not know where to start.
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The first thing I’ll do is to check for the existing organization processes and procedure for to you generate/edit the SOP. The standard operating procedure would help you understand the existing structures in place as you onboard yourself properly in the organization as well as to creat new ones if none exist. The SOP would also help outline the qualifications of your team member as well as their respective skills, potential, ability and capability etc. it’ There and then, you’d begin to plan or execute.
You’d begin to achief great result effortlessly in no time afterwards

I worked in that domain. In my personal experience is the same than working in other domains. You have to stay clear about the functions the project manager department has to have as a component inside the organizational strategy. After you have the functions (functions are the way the department will answer to the environmental stimuli) you have to find the components inside the functions. In my case I use Zachman Framework row 1 and 2 as a guide. With that on hand is time to improve all related. A simple way to do that is using Lean principles as a guide but in this case two critical components have to be defined: Client and Quality. With that on hand you can improve it mainly by eliminating the wasted and trying to speed up to answer as fast as you can.

It sounds like the lack of project management skills is the biggest problem you face - after all, if people don't know how to be PMs they can't possibly deliver results. Project management tools are convenient, but meaningless if no one knows basic project management concepts.
You might want to contact an organization like FSVC ( It brings professional volunteers to teach business concepts. A few years ago FSVC asked me to travel to Tunisia to teach project management to leading members of its government agencies; it was a productive trip.

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