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Change control process versus project management plan update

I would like some explication on the project management plan update.

In the pmbok 6th edition (p 105 or 112 for example) it's written that this document is only updated by the integrated change control but this project document is too in output of some others processes like 4.4 (manage project knowledge) or 4.5 (monitor and control project work) for example.

Could some one explain me please ?

Thank you.

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Project plan is updated through change process, however, it may be affected by the other processes. The update is the result of the change process but can be concluded as an output of the other processes.

In the PMBOK, any time a document or plan is changed by any process, it is both an input and an output to the process. If you look at figure 4-13, the PM plan is both an input and output to Perform Integrated Change Control, so changes to the plan are under some type of configuration control

In both 4.4 Manage Project Knowledge and 4.5 Monitor and Control Project Work, we also see that the PM plan is both an input and output, so those 2 processes are capable of changing the PM plan.

What it does not does not show directly is the intermediate step of 4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control, as shown in figure 4-13. While the output of other processes may affect the PM Plan, HOW those changes are accomplished is through the Perform Integrated Change Control process not explicitly shown in that section.

(As a side note, I reviewed the usage of "Integrated Change Control Process" and "Change Control Process" throughout the PMBOK, and not only are they inconsistent in use of language, they also conflict in numerous places, which can certainly lead to confusion.)

Absolutely agree with you Keith,
I did the same. Obviously, what is missing from each process so that the integrated change control process was coherent is that an AUTHORIZED CHANGE REQUEST be included in the inputs to these processes that update the Project plans and the baselines, so all the confusion will be solved. .

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