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PMI membership benefits
In the times of highly distracting news feed and social media, what is the best way to fully utilize the benefits of PMI membership and keep updated?
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You may better to make it a habit. The habit of being update on PM. There are some regulations like earning PDUs to renew the designation, however, you still need to make a habit.

Comes down to how much time you have to invest.

If that is minimal, you might only read PM Network cover-to-cover. If you have much more, you will regularly participate in Chapter events, watch on-demand & live webinars and read and participate actively in community blogs & discussions.


In my opinion, to utilize the benefits of PMI membership it is up to an individual how he can use them.

There are lot of great stuff available in terms of, templates, presentation, checklists, articles, webinars, Discussion forum questions and answers.
In terms of collaboration you have information on various conferences, events etc being held and joined by industry leaders and experts that you can attend and gain invaluable experience.
You learn and contribute here and the site gives you opportunity to earn PDU's to ensure that you maintain the certification easily.
You also have the option of joining the local PMI chapters to meet, contribute and learn from people near your place.
Last but not the least, you get a discount on the PMP exam fee compare to the non - PMI members and the latest guide to download i.e PMBOK guide a personal copy.
How to utilize these benefits to stay updated with the current trends is totally up to an individual as it depends on what is your area of focus at the moment and how much time you have to dedicate and go through the site or if you have the knowledge & experience then you can contribute as well and help others to learn and this is the best part which makes it more interesting and interactive.

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