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Advice needed about Lean Six Sigma

I have my CAPM, and my Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, which I completed a project for through an internal corporate program.

Now it appears that having the LSS Green Belt is the next step. It makes one competitive for positions that will provide for more PM experience -- experience I need in order to sit for the PMP.

Any thoughts on the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification (for which I would have to complete a project and demonstrate competency)?

Do any of you have a Green Belt and how has that impacted your career?
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Rae-Ann -

I've gone through GB/BB training while working for an OpEx team within a large financial services organization and worked with GB/BB's as a stakeholder within a large pharma company.

If you work for an organization which values Process/Operational Excellence and which has adopted LSS as a quality management framework, then having a GB or BB will definitely be of value. However, even without that organizational support, the set of tools you will learn and get practical experience with will be a valuable addition to the existing PM tools you already have.


I have the LSSGB, and took it through SSGI who are REP for PMI. It did not impact my career much but definitely added to my knowledge.

It is good to have.

Hi Rae-Ann,
Same sentiments with Kiron that LSS Green Belt will a valuable addition of PM skills, even if without organizational support.
I learned the process improvement techniques from LSS Green Belt that help in contributing to projects that streamline order fulfillment process.

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