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Nominations are Open: PMO of the Year - Organizational Excellence!!
Every year, many Project Management Office's (PMO) take on projects and programs that help an organization to achieve their strategic goals. They manage a portfolio of efforts that not only bring value to the organization; they impact the bottom line while incorporating solid, project management practices. There is an industry award that enables your PMO to be recognized for the cohesive effort it provides to your organization day in and day out.

The PMO of the Year award, through the Project Management Institute (PMI), was created to celebrate the PMO that has demonstrated great organizational project management skills, has established a vision for value delivery, and has had a clear and positive impact on the organization's business results.

Is your PMO eligible? All corporate and government PMO's are eligible and more than one PMO from an organization may participate (the award is to the PMO, not the organization). The submission must come fromt he PMO itself; no third party can submit on the PMO's behalf. One winner and two finalists are awarded annually so take a shot and submit your PMO to be recognized!

There are many benefits that go along with winning this award:
1. Recognition at PMI's annual PMO Symposium in an awards gala for the winner and two finalists
2. Coverage in PM Network Magazine and an opportunity to showcase your PMO in a global webinar, and other channels
3. Worldwide recognition and one of the highest recognitions for PMO's in any industry
4. The opportunity to network with other PMO leaders

To have your PMO considered, you will find all of the nomination submission documents at The deadline for award submission is 1 April 2019.

For complete information on all of PMI's awards, please visit
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Thank you for sharing information on the PMO Award..
While the nominations have been closed for other PMI awards, there is still time to apply for the PMO award. The deadline for award submission is 1st April 2019.

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