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Does software in construction project management impact job roles at all?

Hello PMcom forum,

I'm currently working on an academic report, investigating the views of construction project management (CPM) experts towards the software methods that might be present in their work. I understand that some managers may decide not to use software for important reasons, and that software use may be causing a shift in the roles that professionals undertake.

Expert perspectives on these issues are critically underrepresented in any discussion about how the industry should innovate, and is something I'm hoping to help address.

I've prepared an anonymous, 5-10 minute online survey, and was wondering if any PMcom members would be interested in filling it out. I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on these topics.

Please feel free to message me or reply below, any thoughts towards software in CPM, or if you would be able to spare the time to take the survey, and I will forward on the Google Forms link by private message.

Thank you kindly for your time, and best regards,
Ryan Bannister

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