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Is there any organized training (a course) to take the PMI's Risk Management Certification test?
The PMI's customer service, to my shock, could not produce any leads on this topic, so I am posting hereby in hopes of the group wisdom osmosis.
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This is also a very important aspect of project management that needs attention.
Alexandre - has an offering for the PMI-RMP. I'd used their practice question pool when I was studying for it eight years back and they appear to have a full course now.

There are lots of training providers: Check Udemy and - I used both. Recently, PM Star revamped their website and they have full courses like Kiron said but I am not sure if any of those are online or in the states. you can check their website.

Also, you can join the facebook group RMP Coach lead by Alaa Sultan and you will find great guidance there.

Good Luck !
Definitely. Just google it and search in PMI website. is working, but the schedule about when the course will start was not informed. offers an excellent deal: a two-day face-to-face course with multiple sessions throughout the year (I had to go international to attend one, but obtaining visa and spending travel money/time was well worth it).

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