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Looking for R/Y/G % guidance for portfolio status

Is there any general/directional guidance on the % of projects in a large portfolio that would be listed in overall Red, Yellow, or Green status? Just looking for a starting point to kick off a new KPI. Thanks
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In our case the color is assigned after calculate progress and cost. In both case, we include the corporate threshold for both items and according to the final result then we assign the color.

Jerry -

I've never seen a rule of thumb for this and it may be quite normal for a complex project or program to go "red" for a short period of time till critical issues get resolved. What's usually of greater concern is persistent red projects. I've seen some companies introduce targets for their portfolio but I doubt this could be generalized since it is very context-specific.


Every organization I've been in seems to have a different standard for R/Y/G if they in fact have a standard at all.

At the project level, some use: Green = On plan, Yellow = Off plan, Red = No Plan, which can lead to a lot of red items if "Late without ECD" is considered No Plan. I prefer a risk based approach with some kind of thresholds. I sometimes hear from managers, "That looks like too much red" which draws negative attention from senior management, and we adjust our criteria based on what I call a GFI (Gut Feel Indicator).

Because the classification methods are all over the map, the % of projects in each bucket tends to range widely as well. The more objective your classification system however, the more meaningful a KPI might be.

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