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Change request during execution for additional work
Dear all , We received in the middle of execution request from the contractor that his request for additional money as he need to do some extra work. For example, we agreed in the SOW that he need to remove 20 square meter of ceramic initially, now he is saying addition area will be damaged due to this work so he want extra money . What we call this process professionally in project management. and what he should provides to accept the request. Thanks Riad
I admit I do not understand the specifics of your situation, however, it is common for specifiers to include incorrect assumptions about demolition and replacement.
Unless your 20 s.m. of removal was the totality of a room or defined space, it is unrealistic to field match tiles and create clear demarcation points while performing the removal process. Usually, removal is an inexact science involving chipping hammers and breaking.
In a strictly SOW argument, I think your Contractor is correct to make his request if the quantities he discovered in the field vary by more than 20%.
I will add that your original RFP should have included language that the Contractor was required to inspect the site and make any requests for information regarding Flooring materials during the Pre- Bid Stage. It is always a mistake to supply and rely on quantities supplied by the Proposer/Owner.
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