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Value of PfMP certification?


I am a PMP, PMI-ACP and PgMP certified professional. Before trying to pursue the PfMP certification, I wanted to know if there is any real value in getting PfMP certified.
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Looking forward to seeing the answer to this. I was thinking about a sking the same question.

Vinod, I have not seen much of it in my local job boards. I do see some job listings for PfMP outside my area. You should do a search on LinkedIn, Indeed, or something similar to see how many positions require or prefer PfMP in your area, or an area where you'd like to work.

There may be some career bias, though. Admittedly, there aren't as many PfMPs as PMPs. And although I cannot quantify this or prove it to be true, it seems like many portfolio managers are promoted from within a company. Perhaps that explains why I don't see it listed often.

I'd be curious to see PMI stats on the PfMP credential.

Vinod, I tend to agree with Wade especially the part were he mentioned that portfolio many managers are promoted from within the organizations as opposed to out sourcing.

In my personal opinion following the criteria I used to invest time and effort in certifications PgMP and PfMP are not valuable certifications (no matter I have the role of program managers and my actual work place can pay the certification just in case I decide to get it). I was part of the group of authors of both standards (one more between other people) but when you read them you will find they has no consistence and other standards are more valuable to implement in the real life. No matter that, if you see that market demand is growing looking for both, perhaps I change my decision.

Thank you all for your insights...


I agree with previous posts. What is the market demand?

Same opinion with previous posts. My point is that the PfMP give a set of methods to integrate Project Management and opeartional management....

Thank you for your inputs..
I agree with the previous posts. I dont see a lot of value in terms of new job opportunities

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