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PgMP Certification in the US and the US DoD

There used to be some type of collaborative certification betweeen the Defense Acquisition University and PMI to acknowledge in the wider (non-DoD) world the education and performance requirements to become certified by DAU. That appears to have fallen by the wayside at some point.
Is there still any cooperation between the organizations, for example to waive the PgMP exam for those certified by DAU, or other considerations in qualification??
(N.B. interesting that I decided to ask this question, and the last 2 questions asked before mine are about PgMP and PfMP)
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Joseph, it appears to be outdated according to the DAU's equivalency program list.

Similarly, everything I can find on for DAU is outdated.

I'm interested in this, though. I doubt you'll get the exam waived, and there are currently no training requirements for the PgMP or PfMP, but I suspect you could count your DoD experience if you're slotted in a position that qualified you for DAU.

Do you mind if I share your question with some people who might know? Let me know in a private message how they can contact you, and I'll see if I can find someone who can help.

Suggest you to contact PMI support. You can send a mail

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