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I am looking to become PMP certified. Is there a specific course anyone would recommend? Thank you.
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I found RMC Learning solutions to be very useful. They had a week long class that help prep you for the exam.

Online or in person?
1 reply by Pete Chamberlain
Mar 15, 2019 3:25 PM
Pete Chamberlain
RMC was in person

I took a 4 boot camp conducted for four Fridays at my local community college. The class was taught by volunteers of my PMI Chapter. The source material was the Velociteach kit How to Pass the PMP Exam on Your First Try. The was kit included in the cost of tuition along with the latest copy of the PMBOK. The kit contains a variety of learning tools, (book, flashcards, quick reference poster, online tutorial, practice questions.) The kit can be purchased on its at Amazon.

Definitely one that is PMI Certified course/association and there are lots to choose from both online/in-person. Maybe check out colleges/universities in the area to see what they are offering. Additionally take lots of practice questions (books,apps, website) to get a sense of what is expected.

I attended a Project Management Academy - PMP Exam Preparation Course. It was VERY helpful and well presented. After the course, I used the materials from the PMA class along with Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep book.

You can take a boot camp with any approved training provider.In order to pass the exam, one require to understand and decide the situational question.You require to understand/evaluate the near correct answer in the study material/mock test to investigate why it is not the correct answer.This will give an edge in making your correct choice during your exam. Only reading will not help in passing the exam because question is asked from every corner of the book.

I find Rita a priceless reference and support material for passing the exam.

I should note my focus is in advertising and marketing

They are PMI certified trainers. I took their course for the PMI-ACP and I took their PMP course for my upcoming PMP certification exam.

If you are taking online course . I would recommend you to try Joseph Phillips PMP course on along with reading Rita Mulcahy's PMP exam prep 9th edition.

If you are considering a boot camp, PMI local chapter can give you valuable tips.
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