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PMP Exam Preparation
Dear All,
what books to use, besides the PMBOK one, for the purpose of the PMP exam?
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I like the content created by the team at PM Master Prep. They take a different approach to learning the material, and have a variety of mediums to deliver it. Their exam simulator is excellent too.

You can purchase everything you need here:

In my view it's excellent value for money
Hello Ravit,

from my experience, you do need at least one (better two) good prep books beside the PMBoK Guide.
Which one depends on your learning style and preference.
Rita's, of course, is still the most popular one and it is one of the best for sure. But it can be overwhelming.
I do also like HEADFIRST by O'Reilly or also the one by Joseph Philips. A very comprehensive one is the one by Scott Payne for instance.

Since we are not allowed to post external links here at the discussion board, I will send you a private message also.


PMBOK is a basic one, you should read carefully full book and read rita book for understanding!!!

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