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How do you motivate your staff?

Let's share experiences in this regard..
Which motivation techniques you used during running your project(s) and which one was successful? Share lessons learnt also.
The latest one from my side was to set up bowling for my team.
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I issued letters of commendation to team members for good work done

Letter of commendation sometimes doesn't work I think. In your practice did the letters help you to motivate?

Get that personal connect with every member in the team.. while we all know of various ways to motivate people, it differs from person to person.. so get to know each and tailor approaches to each person.. public appreciation always works.. also having that personal connect brings the feeling of closeness causing the team to work for you..

From long time ago I am working on vitual, multi cultural, multi country teams. No matter that I use Masllow pyramid to understand how to motivate the team. But at the end, is not about motivation. Is about to create a team from a group of people and to do that as project managers we need to put all them behind the project objective. In my case, I always demostrate that I am there to help them about all related to perform the needed project activities to achieve the project objectives. Motivated or not it has to be done.

Saw this question, and all I could think of was the bottom cartoon on this page:

Enjoy a light moment, but be warned - CAPT Bacon's cartoons are addictive - don't spend the rest of the day ckicking through his blog ...

I'm a strong believer in Daniel Pink's triad of Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose as being the drivers for someone getting motivated. A PM has significant influence or ability to address each of these.


The answer to this question requires a lot of information. It has to with the circumstance, environment, organizational culture, size of the team, your options on the table and etc. I would suggest keeping the Maslow pyramid in mind when making decision.

I print out patient comments from press ganey recognizing my staff for providing outstanding care to them and share the comments with my staff and I also write thank you notes.

Thank you for your responses.
I wanted to know experienced techniques.

I think motivatinga team is a bit of a myth. You cannot motivated people, they must be motivated on their own. What we, as project leaders, can and must do is provide a safe space for our teams. A place we they are allowed to experiment and fail with out blame. A place where team members support each other. You do this by servings the team, making sure they are sheltered from outside distractions and by working to eliminate issues that block progress. One technique one of my teams used was to establish ground rules that everyone agreed to. That way we could hold each other accountable. It is very effective.
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