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Is it ethical to share books for free?
Is it ethical to share books for free on social media which were published by their authors after a lot of tiring work expecting a financial gain from their sale?
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It sounds like piracy to me at first, which I don't think is ethical or legal. But in today's digital world, there are many who do share and circulate for their own benefits and its their business.
Hi Mohamed,
to me this question is more related to a legal issue than related to ethics: I feel this is a very important copyright infringement
Great question. This is similar to the question of free music sharing applications that are common in some circles.

As many have said above, ethical and legal are two different things. Just because something is legal (within the law) doesn't mean it is the "right" thing to do. The principles of respect and fairness are key here.

A couple of questions come to mind. By sharing are we being respectful and fair to the author? It the author's intent for this work to be shared openly (for example creative commons)? Is someone being hurt by posting the material online--- certainly the author is unless he/she provided explicit wording that it can be openly shared.
Personally, no. Regardless of copyright law, you're not respecting the author. Each person you share that book with is one less set of royalties the author will receive. You're devaluing their work, knowledge, and time.
Whether ethical or by law, no. Regardless, a code of conduct should not be dictated by laws.
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