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Resource calendars


In PMBoK, resource calendars is created in Acquire resources process.
I understand it is not supposed to exist before the first iteration of this process.

So why is this document identified as input of this process ?


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there is a point here. People usually misunderstand these two concepts because of the terminology they are using. What is the resource calendar? a document which shows
1) availability of a specific resource. for example, Mr. X on odd days from 12May to 17 Aug.
2) the estimated required date for a specific resource.

My take is that in later invocations of that process, the existing resource calendars have to be taken into account and maybe are updated.
If there is an input that does not exist, you cannot use it.

Hi Anthony,

The new resource to the project may have activities schedule by another project, might not be available full time. Could be related to time zone

So the new resource comes with a calendar.

All resources have an existing resource calendar regarding thier project availability - either conceptually or an actual document or tool.

Resource Calendars, any type of resource, is an input for Estimating Activity Resources. Here is the place where Resource Calendars is updated. You will find that into the PMBOK a concept is introduced: Organizational Knowledge Repository. Inside those repositories you will find Project Documents where Resource Calendars belongs to.

Whether or not there is an existing resource calendar, there is not one showing where you need to use specific resources for your own project unless/until you create such a document.

Once created, the resource calendar is reviewed, and often changed, such as when you must get additional resources during a critical time in the project. Any time a document or process is subject to change, it is an input to the process which changes it, therefore the resource calendar is an input to the acquire resources process used to obtain the extra people during the critical time-frame.

We know that, at the beginning, all project documents are just templates with no specific content and we need to update them throughout the project life cycle. For the first iteration, document template will be helpful for you to execute the process and definitely it's content will be useful and needed for the next iteration.

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