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My company uses HP's PPM Center for it's project management tools. Has anybody successfully integrated MS Project with this?
Has anybody successfully integrated HP's PPM and MS Project? If so what's your experience? What works well vs what are the limitations?

We use HP's PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) Center for managing our projects. Nobody seems to have been able to figure out how to successfully integration this with MS Project, so as a result people are managing their projects in either one or the other (but not both). This creates some difficulties in how we manage projects as a PMO so I'm trying to explore the integration between the two that's out there.

I've been told by my manager that he wants to research this further but hasn't had time. One area in particular that he mentioned was managing resources, as not every resource that I would have in MS Project would be recognized by PPM (so there's the question of how do we reconcile / mange that?).
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We are using it. I tried to many times to integrate MS Project with PPM but it is a headache, a nightmare. And believe me, I tried because I was in charge of that into a special initiative I have to lead. So, what we are doing, is using PPM schedule facility to put there high level project plan in order to create and maintain our corporate updates into a consistent way but we are using MS Project to deal with the details.
We used both at HP in Columbus Ohio, but it's been a while and I'm trying to recall exactly what we did. I do recall as Sergio has said, that it was a pain and required an enormous number of additional hours to integrate what we could, but at the same time we worked for HP and they made modifications just for us. I would suggest that you reach out to which ever part of HP got the software, HP or DXC Technology, in the breakup and ask them their thoughts. There is a branch of DXC in Columbus Ohio that caters to the state Medicaid division that did a lot of the modifications/integration. Good Luck.
Our organization has been using HP PPM for over four years and we have not been successful in integrating that platform with MS Project. We tent to set up summary projects with milestones in PPM, but manage the day-to-day activities separately in MS Project files. Good luck!

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