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Topics: Scope Management, Using PMI Standards
The Project Management Body of Knowledge-Negotiate Scope
Scope defines the boundaries of a project-the parts of the business that are to be studied, analyzed, designed, constructed, implemented, and ultimately improved. Scope also defines the aspects of a system that are considered outside the project.

These factors (Product, Quality, Time, Cost, Resources) is a give-and-take activity that includes much iteration. The deliverable is an agreed statement-of-work that describes the work to be performed during the project. Have anyone ever experienced an disagreed statement-of-work where other organizations or project managers feel that your provided information is not reliable or inconsistent?
All the time. Sometimes on account of honest differences and judgments, other times on account of out right mischief. As with any give and take, constant communication and confirmation of what was communiated is always helpful. Negotiating - some do it fairly, others do not. Take nothing for granted.

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