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Creating the Project Schedule
Hello everyone,

I wonder how the 49 processes mentioned in the PMP framework (waterfall) are built into the project schedule. In my mind, these processes are the foundation of the project schedule and should be mentioned in the schedule.

However, I basically never see these within any templates. I'm puzzled by that fact so I might miss something here. Would someone mind to elaborate?

Please see a picture of a sample Project Schedule I created. Shouldn't this always be the baseline and from where I tailor as per specific requirements for the given project?

How come that I never see these processes within the project schedule?

Any hints are highly appreciated.

Thank you
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I agree with you, this should be the baseline and from where we tailor as per specific requierement in any project.

In my case we create a sample of the project schedule based on the processes that we identified that must be taken in consideration in our projects according to our methology

In principle I'd agree, but remember that the PMBOK is a framework to be tailored to fit the needs of a specific project's context. As such, explicitly calling out certain processes in your WBS may or may not be needed.

Those are the items I sometimes refer to as the plan for a plan. Most PM templates are oriented around capturing the plan to provide the project deliverables, rather than the PM's own deliverables necessary to develop the constituent elements of the project plan.

In a Systems Engineering framework which includes the PM plan, all those subsidiary plans would be elements within the SEMP or Systems Engineering Management Plan.

PMBOK guide all processes can be converted to flow chart but it not easy to convert to schedule as there is need to process changes and go back and update Project plan or documents. Project Plants are approved after creating project budget so just by developing project plants approval might be difficult.

One very important concept is that PMBoK Guide is not promoting or representing waterfall.

The PM processes (or better process groups) are iterating, they are not the same as sequential phases. They contain the work of the project manager only.

The work of the rest of the team (which is approx 85%) is not described in PMBoK Guide. Only the project life cycle is described and it depends mainly on what product the project is creating. The project life cycle can be predictive/waterfall (or iterative or agile or ..) and is divided into phases.

A schedule (and before that a WBS) should be build based on the project lifecycle, not on the PM processes. This means there is not standard schedule for all kind of projects.

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