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I have an active project wherein the requirements-to-solutioning process is being executed via monthly cycles consisting of workshops scheduled over a fixed two-week period. Not quite agile but hopefully you get the picture :-).
The issue we have is the efficiency of the workshop scheduling process; one of the project managers maintains an Excel spreadsheet listing all workshop topics and all participants, and then maps participants to workshops. The catch, of course, is when conflicts arise - the same resource(s) could be assigned to multiple workshops, or a resource available only in Week 1 is fully consumed and still have workshops in Week 2, etc. etc.
And then there's the issue of workshops changing, adding or removing participants, which happens all the time.
We have tried modelling this situation in MS Project by constraining resource availability and workshop schedule, but MSP produces incomplete results that don't give us a usable workshop schedule.

Those folks that might have had a similar need - what have you used to crack this problem? Are there event management apps/programs that could work here? The closest thing I can think of is in manufacturing/production planning where a workstation needs 'x' inputs to complete operation 'y'; but I don't have access to anything like that at the moment.

All suggestions and help welcome - it's driving my PM round the bend!

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