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SAMI model

Hi! Does anyone have practical experience of using SAMI (Sidke Agile Measurement Index) in practice? Or would you prefer other models to measure agile maturity on the enterprise level?
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Developing artificial intelligence or defining a randomized genetic algorithm seems to be effective.
Of course, this process needs to be familiar with the genetic algorithm.

I think the SAMI model hasn't had alot of practical application in commercial enterprise Agile transformations. If you are looking for a more formal, structured model the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is probably the best starting place. I also like the Cottmeyer Leading Agile approach mostly because it uses a Base Camp metaphor that is easy to relate and track progress across the organization.

Personally from my experience and connections with colleagues in other organizations, the trend is towards self-directed transformations which de-emphasize centralized, enterprise level maturity tracking. Having spent many years in this space the challenge with trying to measure these types of metrics is that they direct the responsibility of transformation onto the measurement organization and force the transformation office into the role of an auditor or agile enforcer role.

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