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Defined goals

The first major challenge that project managers and team members might face is not knowing what exactly to expect from the project. If the goals and objectives are not clearly defined, the project is doomed to fail. When no one is aware of the whats, whys and whens of the project, what will follow is a lot of confusion and chaos.
Starting a project without clear objectives, a specific direction and a prepared plan; it’s like going on a road trip with no idea where you’re going and how to get there. You will waste gas, time and effort. Likewise, your business suffers when there is no clarity and forethought before starting a project.
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In my view, it's helpful to invest effort on Initiation processes and Planification processes in order to avoid confusion and chaos.

Selecting the appropriate processes from the PMBOK Guide is a good idea, also.

It is definitely one of the major challenge for project manager if you do not have clearly defined project charter. During project assignment project manager should seek help from sponsor on this issue. If you are not clear where to go, I prefer not to start your journey.

Dear Dr Reza,
Regards all the above and according to PMBOK, Project will formally starts by authorizing Project Charter by Stakeholders and all a Project manager initially needs to know at the Project initiation phase is in Project charter and during project life cycle Project charter will be updated if needed so if a project starts without any project charter, as you said, the project is doomed to fail and if we don't want business suffers in our lives we must respect and adhere to steps and processes which given to us in known and useful standards like PMBOK.
Regards, Saeed

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