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Looking for a New Product Introduction (NPI) project schedule template (Medical Equipment Supplier).
Looking for a NPI project schedule template for the medical equipment supplier industry. MS project MPP would be great, but a Process or WBS would be greatly appreciated. Just want to align NPI in my organization with best practices. Thank you very much for considering my request.
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Didn't find one in the Templates section Trevor?
Unfortunately due to the vast array of technologies in the medical equipment industry, it's a very broad request. I found a generic WBS template for electronics development a few years (IEEE?) and it was 30 pages long. I didn't use most of it for my project, but that gives you an idea of the scope that could be covered. On the other hand, a mechanical system is going to have a quite different WBS than a laser so one template may not fit all equipment.

Due to the regulatory requirements, unless you can find a template that covers everything, I would suspect you will need a combination of the underlying technology development, merged with the regulatory certification process.

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