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What comes in your mind when you look at work in hand?

Story 1:

Sheetal and Ramesh were sitting in office cafeteria and enjoying their coffee. They saw their lunch partner Abhay was passing by in hurry. Ramesh shouted, " Hey Abhay common let’s have a coffee.”.

Abhay responded while almost running " I have to finish my presentation in next 2 hours, I have a meeting in the evening with client, and before that I have to review this presentation with Mr. Patnaik. If I would not complete this presentation in time he's gonna kill me. Sorry buddies I have to rush." Saying this he disappeared from the cafeteria.

Story 2:

Sudhir, Rohit and Amir are colleagues and good friends; they had taken their short break for tea. They finished tea and were gossiping about an interesting subject. Suddenly Rohit asked to leave as he has some important work to finish. Amir said, " Ohh that planning document. You still have time to finish it, you can do it easily. Why are you in so much hurry? Are you scared of your boss? Is he pushing you?”

Rohit Replied, “That’s not the thing, I understand importance of this planning document. I know I have time, but there are some critical aspects which needs focus, I cannot wait till last minute. If I finish it before time, I will have more time to handle unknowns.” He left quietly and moved towards the entrance of the office.

We are all character of either story one or two. In each story, they both have urgency to complete the work in hand however their reason for urgency is different. In first story fear is the reason of restlessness while in second genuine interest and willingness to complete work are the motivational factor.

Fear, panic, deadline, negativity, excuses, and consequences if not completed the presentation in time are running in Abhay’s mind in the first story. It all results in to tension, distrust, low confidence, criticism and everything running by boss.

While in the second story Rohit is reflecting about sincerity, self-motivation, perfection, expertise, planning to complete well in time. This type of thoughtfulness leads to a vision, persistence, self-satisfaction, appreciation, continuous improvement, excellence and success.

They both are restless, but for different reasons. What is your reason of restlessness?
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Great story and perspective!

Good narrative.. interesting one.

Good. Thank you for sharing.

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