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Are you a beggar or a chooser?

I apology for the title, I never meant to hurt anyone. Please do not take is offensive, kindly focus on content and message.

We have heard a saying many a times that beggars are not choosers. It is generally said and understood in financial matters where a person with modest financial status cannot have options to choose from, he has to accept whatever is being offered otherwise there is a threat to loose even the alms as well. This will leave him barehanded. He does not have power to bargain. He cannot negotiate.

Isn’t this holds true in our life irrespective of financial status. Whenever we run out of alternatives, someone somewhere impose their will on us and we have to accept. We lose our freedom to choose. We accept it as our destiny and continue believing it without making efforts for our rescue. We start living a fake life which is controlled by others. We keep on searching happiness and peace that never comes. In lack of alternatives we have to settle for what others have for us or leftovers. And here start series of troubles anxiety, conflict, fear, insecurity and what not. And community grows, we see similar people around who put down the same idea to our roots that there is no escape.

Be a chooser in life, create alternatives. Nobody else can do it for you, but you. Sow this idea deep within and see the results, whatever is bothering you look for their alternatives and open doors for happiness, prosperity, fortune, and change your world for sure.
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Hi Manish,

I appreciate these deeper thoughts and your desire to challenge others to breakthrough barriers and not accept the status-quo!

Whether it’s the impact of cultural and social inequality or the consequences of parents not speaking life and encouragement into their child, we live in a world where individuals gravitate to that which they "feel" instead of "making choices that set the direction of their life". Words of encouragement (like the ones you made) are fully appropriate in our mentoring role as seasoned project managers. It may make some uncomfortable, but empathy in all its forms can cut through project issues/concerns quicker than any other soft-skill.

Keep up the good work.

We all should absolutely choose our own path. Strive to be better. Don't let others tell you that you can't.

I choose to beg and beg to choose depending on the project :-)

Simply. i am chooser not beggar.

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"Weaseling out of things is good. It's what separates us from the other animals....except weasels."

- Homer Simpson



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