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PMs create trust and transparency among stakeholders
Does it take 2 to tango?
Of course, yes, despite what the 1999 comedy movie "Three to Tango" may imply.

So, for my first post in this wonderful platform, this is a true story about a case that it takes 3 to tango.
A project consultant - facilitator (me) is trying to roll out a system which would allow project teams and stakeholders to collaborate better by sharing the statuses of project activities in near real time. Project controls would have instant progress information. Project governance will be more effective.
This means the project owner, the main contractor and their construction subcontractor can share the same information practically instantly as activities are done, checked and completed. No disputes for payments. 100% transparency.
The owner and main contractor seem to be happy and ready to tango. The subcontractor is tight-lipped with arms crossed indicating defense.
Lack of trust and transparency drives gaps in project costs, schedule and quality up.
As much as most do not like change, this will change. Soon.

Some undermine the future, while some make the future. And some even try to change it for the better.
In this story, indeed it takes three to tango.
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Transparency leads to trust, and yes, PMs can do a lot to encourage increased transparency between key stakeholders.


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- George Bernard Shaw