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Should a PM take on a project when they know objectives are not fully aligned?
For many of us, our project portfolio would be null and void if we refused to accept projects that had issues in objective alignment. Most of us recognize that these types of issues persist even in organizations with mature project, program or portfolio offices and have come to accept this unfortunate reality. So, what are your thoughts, what is your tolerance level on this subject?
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I agree Sergio that "it is a strategy". The issue is in the fact that the strategy is hidden from view, therefore the PM still has to deal with the fallout when working with different groups who are not in alignment with the hidden objectives. So, although “it is a strategy” it plays out as if it wasn’t during implementation – which goes to your comment that you “could argue the initiative is misaligned”. However, with the adoption of the project results, alignment (in this scenario) should eventually occur.

Gordon, I also agree with you that we need the issue logged in the Risk Register. However, in some organizations that entry is basically part of the template, meaning it just gets glanced over. It’s a good thing that “we love what we do”!
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