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Psychometric tests
Do you have any information or example of the so called “CLAVES TEST”? Do you have any tips to solve this test?
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No idea but you made me curious. I had to take a couple of psychometric tests recently. It may help. :)
I fund only Italian references: "Il CLAVES permette di valutare in ambito organizzativo le abilità intellettive superiori, legate alla capacità di problem solving, come intuire rapidamente ed efficacemente le relazioni tra elementi diversi e quindi dedurne la soluzione."
This is one I haven't done, sorry!, thanks for question, I need to look at this one and see how this fits with all the others.
I haven't done this one like Stelian and Gordon.
Ok, I have solved the problem.
The Claves Test is a combination of words and sequences of symbols. The difficulty is that the 2 sequences (words and symbols) are not in the same order. The test asks you to choose the right symbol matching with one letter of the words.

here an example:

Solution: [letter] C - [symbol] eyeglasses

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