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Someone with experience as PM, can help me to answer some questions according to their experience?

1.How long have you been a PM in your actual company and other companies?
2. Can you describe your position as PM?
3. What are some of your main responsibilities as a PM?
4. According to the different reference models of PMO, which one would you say is implemented in your company? Why do you think this model of reference of PMO is used at your company?
5. In your experience, what are the benefits for using this reference model in your company and not another model?
6. Can you mention another model of reference of PMO that you know?
7. Do you have experience using another reference model of PMO or do you have a favorite in case you would like to implement in your future projects?
8. In your experience. If a company has PM, is it necessary to have a PMO? Or it is possible to have only a PMO and not a PM or the two must be present always?
9. In your company, is there a PMO? Or what is the name of the area that is the equivalent to a PMO?
10. What are the main functions of the PMO or the equivalent area in your company?
11. Can you share an example of the organization chart to know what the project team is like or mention the positions inside the company of the people involved in the projects?
12. In case the organization chart is confidential, can you mention me who is the responsible for new projects, and who needs to approve them. (In other words, who plans and decides if a project will be develop?)
13. Are you involved in any project from the begging of the project or can someone else start a projects and then pass it on?
14. How is the relationship between the strategic organization and the projects or the flow of activities related?
15. In the company how are the projects classified with respect to the project portfolio? (Short term, long term, small, global, locally, internationally?)
16. What do you think could improve the success of any project?

Any help answering all or some of the questions will help me.

Thanks for your time.

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