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In your own experience, what are the characteristics of a Great and a "Less than Great" PM?

When you google this subject, you could easily copy/paste myriads of characteristics on this important question. However, please use your personal experiences and observations to answer.
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Could fill pages for both descriptions, let's make a short one.

Great - make the team grow as a group and individually
Less than great - "career-oriented", selfish

Great: manages the project and leads the team(s) with respect to cost, quality, and scope in such a way that all involved persons(stakeholders, sponsors, team members, etc.) are happy at the end.

Great = Servant Leader - one who puts the needs of the team ahead of his or her needs. They understand that their success is depends 100% on team success.
Less than great = the opposite. One who uses the team to promote his or her own reputation.

Great - focuses on the what and the how
Less than great - only focuses on the what and ignores the how

Great - embraces change when it will result in greater business benefits
Less than great - shies away from change


Great - Willing to learn from and admit to mistakes, shares the success with the team
Less than great - blames everyone else, fails to consider that success (and failure) is a team effort.

Great - Strong communication and leadership skills.
Less than Great - End focussed by any means.

Great, who inspire and assist his team when needed.

Selfish, use his to attain his goals.

There's an old line that a good PM can manage 3-4 projects at once. A great PM manages one.

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"When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty."

- George Bernard Shaw



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