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After a 18 year stint in ITSM does it make sense to seek to be an intern in a PMO ?? As a lateral career move ?
I had a long career in IT, the last stint was Service Operation Manager (ITSM), I took a turn and worked in a startup for a year and then took one assignment as PM to do a Process Transition. I liked it and so took the PMP exam and cleared it. But getting to be a PM without 'real' projects is proving to be a challenge. Hence the question...
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Think you could interpret many of your changes and incidents in ITSM as projects. Especially when it involved specialists to solve, so there was a team. Also, working under time pressure, trying to understand user concerns gives you credit to be a achiever.
Remember: a project has a unique result and is time limited. Simple as that.

You probably are able to find some projects you have done during these years. However, changing your career path is a little bit tricky part and it's totally up to you. you need to consider the situation and make a decision that best suits you.

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